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This release by Richard Elloyan and Steve Wade features 11 new tunes penned by Richard.  Steve once again offers amazing lead guitar and harmonies. 

Up For Adoption

  •  1.  Sunrise Side of the Sierras

     2.  Ranch Rendezvous

     3.  It's What You Do

     4.  Up for Adoption

     5.  Prarie Mine

     6.  Our Lady of the Gallows

     7.  The Man Who Never Will

     8.  Orphan Drover

     9.  Blood and Gunsmoke

    10. I Hope She's Lonely Tonight

    11. Rubies in the Moon


  • In my own opinion the most interesting thing about recorded music is that each song in a project should have the ability to stand on its own. Unlike a live performance where the artist has the opportunity to supply the back-story and tell you what the song is about before you ever hear it, an album track shouldn't leave you scratching your head trying to discern its meaning. I've always believed as a songwriter if I have to explain the song then I haven't done my job. Up for Adoption is a bit of a departure from past projects as the recording philosophy was "A good song is a good song" regardless of the genre. There are elements here of folk music, bluegrass, country, and a rarity for me, a touch of the auto-biographical. The title track "Up for Adoption" is a look at captivity from a wild horse's point of view. It is a song that has been waiting a long time for just the right moment to be told. I hope it stirs the emotions in all who hear it. Up for Adoption is eleven songs, eleven stories, eleven different paintings surrounded by a single frame. I hope you will enjoy it.

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