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I know it sounds simple but it's true....writers, write.

It's what we do. It could be a song, it could be a short story or magazine article or even a letter to an

 old friend. And sometimes its poetry. From time to time we are going to add some of my poetry to the web page. I certainly hope you enjoy it.


Man's Silhouette

Hot Flashes

When it comes to thinking positive

I'm the first to get in line

Glass half empty glass half full

I'm a half full kind of guy

And when it comes to matters marital 

The same logic still applies

Lately my wife's temperature has been On a rapid rise

She says it just hot flashes

But flashes they are not

We no longer sleep with the covers on

And we leave the heater off

One night it grew unbearable 

I decided there's no excuse

A clever fella could figure out a way

To put this excess body heat to use

Suddenly I had a brainstorm

and I went into the kitchen

Rummaged around until I found 

A good size baking chicken

I wrapped it up in tin foil 

And with a minimum of fuss

I put it right there in bed

Between the two of us

I got up in the morning excitedly I looked

Opened up the package

The bird was fully cooked

I tried it with some sausage,

Some kielbasa, made beef jerky

But nothing will compare with last Thanksgiving 

When I cooked a 16 pound tom turkey!

Thanksgiving Dinner
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