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Forty Miles of Famous


Come Back Home




This Side of the Dirt 



Rodeo Bones


Back in Heaven

Back In Heaven




Sorry,Sold Out!


Big Nevada Sky

Ordinary Cowboy

Ordinary Cowboy







Welcome!         Stay a while and find out more about me and my music.

Finally the good news…no, the great news! 


The new Richard Elloyan/Steve Wade CD, FORTY MILES OF FAMOUS, has arrived. 

It has been a long journey indeed.


This project, the first shared effort with my playing partner, Steve Wade, took at least 4000 miles of 

commuting between Reno and Las Vegas, 7 months from the first reference tracks to delivery of the 

finished product, countless e-mails, and a mountain of stress from wanting to get everything just  right. 


Thanks to our most excellent producer Mr. Steven Swinford, of Swinford Music, I believe we have done just that. 


FORTY MILES OF FAMOUS has 14 new tracks and is long enough to keep you entertained  for most of 75 miles…unless you are stuck in LA traffic where it will only be entertaining for 3 or 4 miles. Of course the final say 

belongs to you, the fans, the public, that come to the shows, that buy music, that appreciate thoughtful 

lyrics and quality musicianship. 


It is always a wonderful thing to watch a project go from conception to completion. 

It is equally as wonderful to let it go and see what it becomes. I hope you will enjoy FORTY MILES OF FAMOUS.


Steve and I thank for all the support and for coming to see the shows. We have some exciting shows in the 

very near future, including: Yerington Theatre of the Arts, Vinton Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival and the 

Genoa Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival. 

Dates and times as listed.  


We wish you all the best as the holiday season approaches and we look forward to seeing you down the road. 



Richard Elloyan 




Best Local Music of 2014 (click it to read the article)


Big news in the Richard E,lloyan/Steve Wade camp.

Check out the link for the RGI best local music article... very exciting if you ask me!

Congrats to all the other songwriters too... give them a listen, some pretty good stuff out there.

Please share the article if you can... still working on that 10,000 CD sales goal!


Forty Miles of Famous Album Release Concert was

November 15,2014,Goldfield Elementary School Gym

Event flyer, click here. (8 mb)


NEW album: "Forty Miles of Famous" is done. It is for sale now! Order page or order form.

Song Clips from Forty Miles of Famous in mp3 format:

Cowboy and Lonely  (1.94mb) and Cowboy Through and Through (2.03 mb)

My "Twister" album is sold out and I am not sure when it will be available again. Check back occasionally though!

Don't forget my song , "Three Days and Forty Fires" (mp3). It made it to 2013 WMA Award nominee list. (Western Music Association)


Our latest contact numbers are: 775-721-1354 or 775-230-5951. Please call with any questions about me or my music.

My Performance Schedule 

For booking information contact me via email ( .



My new CD, "Forty Miles of Famous" is now for sale! (November 6,2014) Check it out and order one!


Check out my latest video on YouTube:




Steve Wade trains Arabians at a ranch in Washoe Valley (he also plays guitar with me). He has ten days on this horse. The ride is set to "Impossible Blue" from the Rodeo Bones CD. Enjoy!




My "Big Nevada Sky" album is BACK! Order one... or two! Remember, Christmas is coming!


Check some photos taken during my past performances.


On-line order form and updated with my new CD! - It is very easy to order... use PayPal or your credit card.

Only $17.50 per CD (shipping and handling included in that price)



As always, you can still use my handy downloadable order form also updated with my new CD.  


My new  YouTube video - "Someday"

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My new YouTube video  - "Buckaroo Moon"

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$17.50 for each CD. This includes shipping and handling.  Check or money order payable to: "Buckaroo Moon Productions "

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 For questions call: 775-721-1354,

 775-230-5951 or e-mail me.  

"A singer and songwriter of unique wit and imagination, Richard’s original music and poetry captures the spirit of the west and those that live its lifestyle. Raised in historic mining town of Virginia City, Nevada, Richard grew up fascinated by the stories and characters that helped shape the history on Nevada and California. Surrounded by the Sierras, it’s ranches and mountains are a constant source on inspiration for the images and philosophies of the cowboys and those that are cowboys at heart."                     from   DaytonNVHistory .


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  Richard Elloyan

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