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Back In Heaven




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Welcome!         Stay a while and find out more about me and my music.

Interesting thing about songwriting….and writing in general I suppose, you never know when or where inspiration will strike, or when you will go completely blank and not be able to put even a few good lines together. Typically, this usually happens to me right after I finish a project like, FORTY MILES OF FAMOUS. I’m not sure why that is but it has proven to be quite predictable. For most of 2014 the process of writing and recording burned a lot of creative energy and I’m only now beginning to recharge. Luckily I had a stockpile of nebulous ideas, bits and pieces of unfinished lyrics and in a few cases complete songs that just never took root….enough to fall back on in the lean times. A good lesson to remember if you are an aspiring writer….NEVER THROW ANYTHING AWAY!

The first half of 2015 was probably the busiest I have ever been playing music. Steve and I played some great shows from Elko to Ely, Vinton to Genoa and everywhere in between. We plan to keep it up for second half of the year and will finish up with a week on the road in Furnace Creek and Las Vegas in November and finally a trip to Maverick’s in December. All those dates and places will be right here on the web site and if you can make it to any of the shows we would love to see you.

For those of you that don’t already know, the title song FORTY MILES OF FAMOUS, from the new cd was voted best new local music of 2014 in the Reno Gazette Journal. There was a great write up in the paper and as you can imagine Steve and I were thrilled at the honor.

There are a few new projects in the works, one of which is a video for a new song called UP FOR ADOPTION. Hopefully we will soon get to the studio and record it and then eventually have it available for YouTube. We will be sure to post it here when it’s complete.

Please, if you are inclined, like me on Facebook as I tend to be a tad more up to date there than here……

Thanks for taking the time to visit the web page, check out some of the music snippets and looking forward to seeing you down road.

Best of wishes:





Best Local Music of 2014 (click it to read the article)


Big news in the Richard E,lloyan/Steve Wade camp.

Check out the link for the RGI best local music article... very exciting if you ask me!

Congrats to all the other songwriters too... give them a listen, some pretty good stuff out there.

Please share the article if you can... still working on that 10,000 CD sales goal!


Forty Miles of Famous Album Release Concert was

November 15,2014,Goldfield Elementary School Gym

Event flyer, click here. (8 mb)


NEW album: "Forty Miles of Famous" is done. It is for sale now! Order page or order form.

Song Clips from Forty Miles of Famous in mp3 format:

Cowboy and Lonely  (1.94mb) and Cowboy Through and Through (2.03 mb)

My "Twister" album is sold out and I am not sure when it will be available again. Check back occasionally though!

Don't forget my song , "Three Days and Forty Fires" (mp3). It made it to 2013 WMA Award nominee list. (Western Music Association)


Our latest contact numbers are: 775-721-1354 or 775-230-5951. Please call with any questions about me or my music.

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My new CD, "Forty Miles of Famous" is now for sale! (November 6,2014) Check it out and order one!


Check out my latest video on YouTube:




Steve Wade trains Arabians at a ranch in Washoe Valley (he also plays guitar with me). He has ten days on this horse. The ride is set to "Impossible Blue" from the Rodeo Bones CD. Enjoy!




My "Big Nevada Sky" album is BACK! Order one... or two! Remember, Christmas is coming!


Check some photos taken during my past performances.


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My new  YouTube video - "Someday"

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My new YouTube video  - "Buckaroo Moon"

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"A singer and songwriter of unique wit and imagination, Richard’s original music and poetry captures the spirit of the west and those that live its lifestyle. Raised in historic mining town of Virginia City, Nevada, Richard grew up fascinated by the stories and characters that helped shape the history on Nevada and California. Surrounded by the Sierras, it’s ranches and mountains are a constant source on inspiration for the images and philosophies of the cowboys and those that are cowboys at heart."                     from   DaytonNVHistory .


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